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Saturday, May 8, 2010

April Favourites

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear
I guess this one is a bit obvious. But I love the colours, they apply well, and they're really inexpensive. Tons of swatches here (and a bonus NOTD).

Joe Fresh Style Lip Stain
I keep meaning to review and swatch these. They apply like a felt-tip marker, last 5+ hours without fading, and are fairly cheap ($6). Couple of issues with these: they're only available at Fortino's; there isn't a ton of selection (some colours are nearly identical); and, the colour of the stain doesn't always match what you'd expect from the packaging (usually quite a bit darker). Overall, though, I love them because they are so easy to apply and don't wear off too easily. Berry is a perfect dark red and Lilac is an amazing fuschia. (I'm just starting to get into purple lips--and I don't know why it didn't happen sooner.)

Elf Studio Eye Primer & Liner Sealer

And, finally, warm weather! We had a few amazingly gorgeous days. Now it's cold and miserable and rainy. I guess that's Spring.

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