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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NOTD: Pink + Orange

This NOTD is really easy. The inspiration for this was butterfly cupcakes my sister had made for Mother's Day (sorry no pic of the cupcakes). Obviously, any two colours would work, although, cremes are better for this. 
Start with two coats of your base colour (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Fushia Power). Then using either a small brush or a dotting tool, place a dot in the center of your nail and five dots around it. (I used Xtreme Wear Sunkissed for the dots.) Finish with top coat when the dots are nearly dry to blend them into the base colour. See, very easy to do, but I think it's cute for spring. 
Just a note about brushes: check out dollar stores or craft stores for paint brushes. You can usually get a variety of sizes for less than it would cost for specialty nail brushes.


Simone said...

This is so adorable! Thanks for the little tutorial as well, I really want to learn how to do more interesting things with my nail polish :)

Michelle said...

Thanks. I'm still learning myself so most nail designs I do are pretty easy, but I like that little something extra.