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Monday, May 24, 2010

Mall Haul

I've been looking for a matte top coat lately and finally found one at Claire's. I used to shop there all the time when I was younger and loved their 10 for $10 sales. So, after finding the top coat, I looked around the store and picked up a few more things on clearance.
Can you tell I really like bows? Whenever my hair is short, I like wearing really girly clips or hairbands in it. I think my favourite of these is the purple one on the end. The colour matches my sunglasses really well.
 I also bought some bow earrings. I just started wearing earrings again for the first time in years. So, we'll see if I actually use these but they were too cute to pass on.
Of course, I also bought nail polish. A fluorescent pink that dries with a semi-matte finish and a glitter with hearts in it. I really like this glitter but it can be a pain to actually get the hearts from the bottle.I'll do a review on these polishes once I get a chance to wear them but for now, here's a swatch photo (with flash).
My absolute favourite find of the day has to be this keychain. I think ducks are the cutest thing ever and now I know I'll be finding excuses to be pulling out my keys in front of people to show this off.

Anyway, back to the matte top coat. I'm wearing it today over black polish and I love the effect. (And the fact that it pretty much doubles my nail polish options is a nice bonus.) It works better with some colours and finishes than others so I spent quite a while yesterday (too long probably) swatching it over different polishes. Here's a few of the swatches and I'll be doing more over the next few days.
This photo is with flash. The matte top coat is over the top half of each nail. Left to right: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Virtual Violet, Rockstar Pink, Blue Me Away, Gunmetal, Blue It, and Celeb City. 
Another store in the mall was having a no tax event and I managed to restrain myself and only buy three nail polishes. I haven't used KleanColor before or really heard much about them so I'll have a review up once I've tried them out but here's a swatch photo (with flash). 
Left to right: Aurora, Blue Pearl, and Mocha. The top half of Blue Pearl and Mocha each have matte top coat. (I guess I was really excited about that top coat.) I love the stars in Aurora but just by swatching, it seemed really hard to get them on the brush. Blue pearl is (obviously) a light blue with a pearlized finish and Mocha is just a medium brown.

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Simone said...

Aww, I love Claire's! Cute bows :)