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Thursday, May 13, 2010

NOTD: Mod Mauve

Photo is with flash. Elf's Mod Mauve is a deep, plum/berry shade. At first glance, it just looks brown, but there are purple undertones. Not quite as purple as the photo, and a little darker. I was a bit disappointed by this colour at first because it looks nothing like the Elf website, but it's grown on me. The polish went on smoothly, but it needed 3 coats for opacity. I'll update this later once I know how it wears.

This is the swatch from the Elf site. Much lighter and more purple than the actual colour. I'd love if they actually made a polish that looked like this swatch.

UPDATE: I only wore the polish for one day, but it lasted fairly well through that. There was some tip wear, but that's pretty standard for me since I tend to be rough on my hands. 

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