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Monday, May 3, 2010

Fyrinnae Mini Haul

My Fyrinnae order came! I was so excited I could barely get the package open. And as soon as I saw the colours, I fell in love. I'll have a more detailed review and better swatch photos soon, but here's first impressions of everything I bought.

The shadows were patted on dry without primer; this is in natural light.
Left to right: Bifrost, Parental Advisory, 1.22 Gigawatts, Looking Glass, Mephisto.
Bifrost is a pure, bright yellow with yellow glitter, much brighter than the photo shows.
Parental Advisory is a dark, vibrant shimmery violet.
1.22 Gigawatts is an incredibly bright, shimmery, vibrant, amazing blue. I can't even express how much I love this colour. (I might be able to take bright blue eye shadow off my wish list.)
Looking Glass is a soft matte teal. I was kinda on the fence with this one when I deciding what to order. I only ended up buying it because I knew my sister would use it if I didn't. But seeing it in person, I think it'll be hard to even let her use it, the colour is so pretty. The photo doesn't even come close to showing how pretty it is.
Mephisto was actually a free sample. Fyrinnae include a sample with each order that they think you'll like based on the other colours you've bought. I have to admit I wouldn't have bought this colour based on the swatch on the website, but it looks so much better in person. It's a dark almost black purple with dark pink shimmer. Again, I have to apologize, the photo really doesn't do this justice. I'll try to have better swatch photos very soon.

I also bought Pixie Epoxy, the crease eye shadow brush and four lip lustres.

After using the Pixie Epoxy just once, I think I must be addicted. It makes the already vibrant colours even brighter and holds the colour in place all day. I haven't used the crease brush yet but it's incredibly soft and I have high expectations for it.

As for the lip lustres, I got Visual Kei (bright, Barbie pink), Deceptive Innocence (pinkish nude; nearly matte), Trickster (fuschia), and Meloncholy (an orangey-coral melon). I was afraid Meloncholy would be too orange for my skin tone (very pale) and when I first put it on, it was bright orange. But, after a few minutes it kinda blended into my lips for a perfect coral. Deceptive Innocence also went on a bit strange but after five minutes was a great nude.

The lip lustres feel amazing on the lips; almost like if you rubbed olive oil on your lips. Even though the formula is pretty dry it doesn't make your lips feel dry. The colour seems to last a few hours (with eating and drinking) and even at that point it doesn't really fade completely away. It seems more like it just blends into your lips more for a more subtle colour. (I don't think that entirely makes sense and I apologize.)

Overall, based on first impressions alone, everything I ordered seems like a good choice. I will definitely be ordering more from Fyrinnae. The only challenge will be not ordering every colour.

One last thing to mention is that Fyrinnae is an entirely vegan company and don't test on animals. That makes me love them even more.

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