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Monday, November 22, 2010

Yellow It's Me...Matte

I'm having a bit of a blah day. It's my only day off work this week so I was planning on getting a lot done and I had some shopping to do. My bike is broken so I would have walked but I woke up to rain. I don't feel like missioning on the bus, so today has turned into a lounge around in pyjamas and catch up on some tv watching day.

I needed a nice bright colour to cancel all that out. So here is Nicole by OPI in Yellow It's Me - Matte. I'm not really a yellow person. I always think I'll like them but I never wear them. I like this one because it's not just yellow. It has a bit of a murky gold and almost green tone on my nails. The colour (but obviously not the finish) seems like it might be similar to Fiercely Fiona. I've only seen photos of that one so I can't be sure. Does anyone have both to compare them?

Swatches are after the jump.

Top photo is with flash; bottom, without.


Heather / Eyeconic said...

That color is so pretty! I've never tried Nicole polishes, but OPI is my favorite brand. Are they as good as regular OPI quality?

Michelle said...

I only have a couple OPI so I can't really compare, but this one went on smoothly. Mattes tend to not wear very well and I only had this on for one day but I didn't have any trouble with it.