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Monday, November 1, 2010

Elf Hot Pink

Yet another ELF nail polish that doesn't match the swatch on their website. But for some reason, even when the shade doesn't match the swatch or even the name, I've really never been dissappointed by a colour I've chosen. Sometimes I even prefer what I actually get to what I was expecting.

Anyway, this is Hot Pink. I was expecting a dark, muted pink from the swatch. In the bottle, it does look like a dark pink, but much brighter. I don't know what happened on my nails though because this is definitely a bright red creme with pink undertones. I still love it and it will be used but I'm still looking for something more like their swatch.

This is three coats with flash. There is slight VNL but that doesn't bother me too much. Adding more coats doesn't seem to fix it though, so you might want to avoid this colour if you can't stand VNL. It didn't photograph as red as it looks to me but this is pretty close. The colour is slightly darker than this though.


minnja said...

Beautiful :))))))))


Azen Eunice said...

Hello my love,

I am returning your message from my blog. So sorry It took me so long to reply. To be honest I just now figured out how to reply to these comments from each posts. I would love to keep in touch though. Add me on twitter:
Hope to chat w/ you there!

Azen Eunice