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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

East Village Comparison

I've got another colour today that isn't very "fall" but I just bought it so I wanted to show you. Pharma Plus has NYC polishes BOGO this week so I chose a couple. The first is East Village. This is a shimmery blue-green. It went on smoothly, but after 3-4 coats was still a bit sheer.

I think I have a dupe for this. Comparison after the jump.

The pinkie (far right) is East Village. Ring finger is SH HD in Pixel Pretty. That one is a bit greener. Middle is SH Xtreme Wear in Marine Scene. It's a touch bluer. And the index is Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost. This one is darker than the others, and more green. Bottom line is, you don't need all of these but since they're all drugstore polishes and fairly inexpensive, I don't feel too too guilty about buying East Village.

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