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Monday, November 15, 2010

Claire's and Ardene Haul (and swatches)

I normally only work night shifts (usually starting at 5 or 6pm) but once in a while, they'll need me to come in during the day. And on Friday they asked me to work a couple hours at lunch, as well as my usual later shift. Since I had a couple hours to kill in the afternoon, I went shopping with a friend from work.

Claire's usually has a ten for $10 section of clearance merchandise and once in a while you can get really lucky with the selection. This was one of those times. They had a whole bunch of nail polishes so I got one of each other colour (except those silly layered polishes, which are just pointless in my opinion).

Check out the swatches after the jump.

Here's (left to right) Vanilla Ice Cream, Bubble Gum, and Grape Popsicle. These are all pretty sheer but they were only a dollar. And they're scented! Even with my cold, I can smell the bubble gum. The others aren't as strong but I can barely smell anything right now so I'll try again in a week. My only question is why they made grape popsicle brown. It should be purple. This colour should really smell like root beer.

The other colours are undeniably summer shades, which is obviously why they were on clearance. But polish doesn't go bad so I don't mind waiting a few months to wear them. This is Marine Blue, Yellow Brick Road, and Ballerina. It's not even blue! Don't you hate when nail polishes have names that just make no sense at all? This is green with just maybe a hint of blue in it. Ok, maybe more than a hint. But no way is it blue. It dries to a semi-matte finish, which I like, or you could add a top coat for shine. It reminds me of either Orly Viridian Vinyl or China Glaze Shower Together. I'll have to pull out those bottles to do a comparison. Application was a pain on Yellow Brick Road. That's pretty standard for yellows. A base of white might have helped but this is four coats and there is still some patchiness. Ballerina is a pretty pink pearl but it shows every flaw so it needs a really good base coat.

I also picked up some fun hair extensions that I'm going to work into one of my wigs, so I won't show pictures of those just yet.

We also went to Ardene, where (big surprise) I got a couple more nail polishes. I also found two pairs of really fun lashes because you can never have enough. If anyone is interested, I post my lash collection one of these days. Just let me know in the comments. Here's the two pairs I bought on Friday. Neither is very practical for everyday wear, but I at least I'll be prepared if I ever need them for a costume or a specific make-up look.

I bought Purple Plush because it looked a lot darker in the store. Even with all my purples, I still don't have a dark purple creme (other than one mini that isn't quite as dark as I want). It's a nice colour but I'm still searching. As much as I love purples, I don't love photographing them. They always turn out way too blue or too dark. Taupes Off is yet another medium brown creme. I probably have half a dozen near dupes for it but I just can't help but buy every one I see. Barely There is pretty close to mannequin hands for me. I'm not sure if that trend is over, but I still love it.
Here's a blurry pic that shows Purple Plush much more accurately.

The last polish I bought is named simply Blue Glitter. From left to right is one coat, three coats, one coat over black, and three coats over black. It's not very dense glitter, but I like it over black. This would have worked well for Space Nails.

I try to be careful not to buy dupes, but whenever a polish is on clearance, that caution goes straight out the window. I think I have dupes for at least a couple of these colours so I'll have to do some comparing.

The rest of my haul was just a couple purses, a hat, and some leg warmers. I know a lot of people hate leg warmers, but they're so warm and comfy. And I think they look cute. I can't keep up with fashion trends and I don't even try. I just wear whatever I want, even if I do look crazy sometimes. Or, eclectic. That sounds a little better.

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