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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This is Sally Hansen HD in DVD. It's a light purple (lavender, lilac?) packed with light blue shimmer. And even if that was it, this colour would be stunning. But, there's more. If you catch the light just right, the blue shimmer seems to turn pink-purple and the overall colour is a dark fuchsia. So I tried over and over to capture that effect on camera. I don't know if it's just my lame camera, or if the duochrome is that elusive, but at the very least, I did get some color-accurate shots of the blue shimmer. This took three coats because it's so sheer and I'd probably need at least two more for opacity.
Here's a blurry shot to show all the gorgeous blue shimmer. 
And this is as close as I could get to capturing the fuchsia duochrome. Definitely less blue than the other shots, but nowhere near as pink as it gets.
I love duochromes. And contrasting shimmer. And purple. And I like the formula on these. Not too thick, not runny. If it wasn't so sheer, this could easily make it's way into my top ten. Maybe next time I'll try layering over a light purple. Revlon Gum Drop would be perfect if that didn't need about six coats itself. Maybe Elf Lilac. Or I might try over a pink to pick up more of the fuchsia in this polish.

What do you think of these new(er) HDs? What are your favourites of the collection? I'd love to hear your opinions.

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