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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Elf Matte Finisher

As you all know, I love matte nail polishes. So, when ELF released their Matte Finisher, I could barely wait for a good sale so I could try it out. Well, I tried swatching it over a couple colours today and I have to admit I'm a little nervous. As it started to dry, it turned the black creme an opaque white. Eek. Now, a few minutes later, it's looking a little less cloudy and it's definitely matte, but the colour is quite a bit duller. I had high hopes for this top coat so I bought three bottles. Fingers crossed that it looks better when it's completely dry. I'll update this in a bit to let you all know. And I'll have swatch photos as soon as I can charge my camera batteries. I lost the charger some time after my vacation. I know it's in the house, but no clue where.

Edit: The matte top coat is completely dry now. Most of the white finish cleared up, though there are a couple spots (which I've noticed with other mattes also). Overall, this top coat worked out fairly well. So, don't panic when you first try. Once I do a mani with this, I'll tell you all how it wears.

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