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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

elf swatches

Pretty n' Pink Brightening Eye Color Quad ($1)The colour on the right is a really gorgeous pink-ish plum. The second from the left is my favourite of this quad. It's a medium warm, almost coral pink. I'm looking for a dupe so I don't have to buy the whole quad when this colour runs out (soon). Adorned with Grace Minerals has a blush that seems close (review and swatches coming).

Luxe Brightening Eye Color Quad ($1)
The red on the left is amazing. It's deep and rusty and a bit metallic. I really only bought this quad for the one colour but the others are good for a more neutral eye. Check out my Luxe EOTD.

Silver Lining Brightening Eye Color Quad ($1)
The lightest colour is a silvery purple, which looks amazing on the inner corner of the eye. The darkest is pretty much black, nothing special. I especially like the pale lilac and the deep grape shades.

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