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Monday, April 5, 2010

elf swatches

Sugar Kiss Shimmer Eye Dust
Blue and green are Dance; black and pink are Ice Skate. This is with no primer--they really don't need it. (edit: I should've mentioned that these were applied with the rollerball included. If you brush them on, they are way less sparkly.)

Studio Eye Transformer
Over black shadow, using studio eye primer and liner sealer. Top is without flash, artificial light. Bottom is with flash. Left to right: green, orange, pink, lavender. I'll try to post a pic without a black base, but they show up so sheer it's hard to get a good photo.

Brightening Eye Colour (Drama)
Over studio primer. With flash. The white is actually a true matte white even though it looks a little gray here. The leftmost black is nearly matte and the rightmost is super sparkly not-quite black.

Brightening Eye Colour (Glam)
Over studio primer. Top is without flash, bottom with flash. The black colour is pretty similar to the sparkly gray in the drama quad, with a bit less sparkle. I haven't been able to get a photo yet that does justice to the colour on the left; it's a gorgeous sandy pink.

Brightening Eye Colour (Nouveau Neutrals)
Over studio primer. Colour on the right is a very pale shimmery blue-green. Not really sure why I bought this quad since I rarely wear neutrals. But they're nice colours if you like earth tones.

Liquid Liner
With flash. Right to left: Black, Midnight, Coffee, Silver, Copper, Stardust, and Stardust over black shadow. Midnight looks pretty much like if you've ever had a pen leak on you. It goes on really dark but dries a bit lighter. Copper and Stardust are just glitter with no base colour. I love Stardust over black; it gives a really cool iridescent effect.

Duo Eyeshadow (Blueberry)
Over studio primer. Left is without flash; right with flash. The darker shade is a shimmery gray with a blue undertone. Lighter shade is pale silvery blue.

Duo Eyeshadow (Berry Mix)
Over primer, no flash. Lighter shade is shimmery barely-there pink. Darker shade is a burgundy with a pinkish-purple-y shimmer.

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