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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Swatch: Poison Apple

Today I have Claire's Poison Apple. My sister found this and the other two "dupes" for the MAC Venomous Villains polishes that were released last year. Ten for $10! Poison Apple has been compared to MAC Bad Fairy, which I don't have so I'm not sure if they are identical. Dupe or not, this polish is a beauty.

The base is a sheer reddish plum and it's filled with duochrome flaky glitter. Depending on the light, I've seen it shift from a pinky-red through copper to a murky yellow-orange. I've heard some complaints about it being too sheer, but the glitter is dense enough that I had no problem with that. I used three coats, which is fairly standard for me.

I had some trouble capturing the duochrome effect, although it is visible in the bottle. These show the shift from pink-red to coppery-orange better than the above picture.

Does anyone have Poison Apple and Bad Fairy? Dupes or not?


Biba said...

I was lucky to get this one in a swap. But sadly, I dont have Bad Fairy... I hope that they are close enough :)

Michelle said...

I'm happy enough with this one, even if they aren't complete dupes. And I definitely prefer the price.