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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My First Water Marble

I've been meaning to try water marbling for ages but never got around to it until now. I think a lot of the reason I waited was just because it seems too intimidating. But it's actually pretty easy. Well, the basics are easy, but I know it's gonna be a lot harder to do some of the designs I've seen. 

I used SH Xtreme Wear in Twisted Pink and Plum Power for the marble, over a base of Elf Passion Pink. I just wanted to try out the technique this time, rather than an actual design, so I ended up with a very random marble effect.

I think next time I will choose colours that contrast more so the marble effect is not so subtle. You know, I'm not a big fan of subtlety.

Have any of you tried water marbling yet? I know I'm probably the last person not to, so I'd love to see what you guys have done. Any tips or tricks to share?


Janna said...

awesome =] I have a couple posts on water marbling including a How To post, if you want to go check it out =]

Amber said...

It looks really neat! I have actually never heard of it I will have to look it up.

Michelle said...

Janna: I'll check out your posts. I'm definitely gonna be marbling again.

Amber: I'd love to see what to come up with it. Let me know if you try marbling.