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Friday, September 10, 2010

Make-up Coupon ... and a bonus pic

I just want to share this quickly with any of you who live near a Superstore. I know these are all over Ontario, and I think Canada. They have a $2 off coupon for any Joe Fresh eye or lip product. I absolutely love their lip stains (regular $6). The price is great, even without a coupon. But when I saw these coupons yesterday (just when you walk into the store, they have a board with a bunch of manufacturer and store coupons), I decided to try something new.

Their eyeshadows are $4 regular price so I picked up one of those. And then I saw their liquid eye liner pens. I've always struggled with eyeliner so when I got my Elf pen, I fell in love with it. It looks like a felt tip pen and makes lining your eyes super easy because it's just like drawing with a pen. So I got two of the Joe Fresh pens--brown and teal blue. With the coupon, these were $4 each. I used the brown today and it went on so easily. I've heard of some brands being too dry or hard to use, but this was a dream.

So, if you do live near a Superstore (or maybe even Fortino's because they carry this brand too, the coupon might be there as well), and have trouble with liquid liner, or just want to check out some affordable, good quality stuff, definitely stop by this week.

Ok, enough shameless promotion for Joe Fresh. This was pretty wordy so I'll end it with a photo in no way make-up related.
This is one of my dogs, a black Labrador retriever named Bonnie. She's an absolute sweetheart and I love her to pieces. Yes, she's wearing a hat, and, yes, I'm one of those people that likes to dress up their dogs. Though it's tough to find outfits for a hundred pound lab.

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