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Monday, August 16, 2010

NOTD: Hidden Treasure + Gum Drop

This is Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over Revlon Gum Drop (with flash). Hidden Treasure is tough to photograph so this doesn't show how amazing it really is. Over dark polishes, it looks like green and copper flecks. But my favourite way to wear it is over pastel creams for pale blue, pink, purple, and green reflections. Up close, the flakies are noticeable but from a bit of a distance, it just looks like a really cool duo-chrome-y effect.
This is without flash. It's a bit blurry but shows more of the flakies in the polish.

And, since I've been meaning to use nail stickers more often, I added a flower to one nail:


beautifulwithbrains said...

Very pretty, love the flower!

Michelle said...

Thanks. I got 3 packs of about 30 similar flowers for a buck each at the dollar store. Definitely one of my fav places to find cute, cheap nail art stuff.