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Friday, August 27, 2010

Limited Edition Xtreme Wear

I told myself I wasn't going to buy every single new Xtreme Wear. But I just can't seem to help myself. I picked up four more yesterday and they're on sale this week at Pharma Plus ($1.99) so I'll probably get the rest this weekend.
Left to right: Mystic Lilac, Fireberry Red, Plum Burst, Cherry Punch
Sally Hansen did a great job with this collection and I'm having a hard time choosing a favourite. I thought it would be Purple Gala or Concrete, but after I swatched Mystic Lilac I wasn't so sure. It looks nice enough in the bottle, but on the nails you can really see how gorgeous this polish is. Pale greyish lilac with iridescent green shimmer. Mystic Lilac is subtle enough to be work-appropriate but still has a wow-factor when the light hits it.
Fireberry Red is the perfect fall version of Red Carpet. Dark and deep and dramatic. I already know this will be my Christmas nail colour.
Plum Burst true plum creme. Nothing too special but still a nice colour.
Cherry Punch looks like fruit punch with string and regular glitter mixed in. About half this collection seems to follow the same pattern of a shimmer base colour with the same glitter. You can pass on these if you have In the Spotlight or any other string glitter top coat since most of the base colours aren't very unique or special.

Have you guys tried these new Xtreme Wears yet? Which are your favourites?


Anonymous said...

Although I'm a nail-polish junkie, I've never noticed Mystic Lilac at my local Pharma Plus - I'll have to check back because a greyed lilac with iridescent green shimmer sounds incredible!

Ever since I tried OPI "Parlez-Vouz OPI?" from the France Collection, I realized how wonderful these greyed-out purples really are!

Michelle said...

Two of the three Pharma Plus that I've been to in the past week have the collection. It was just recently released so it might take a while for each location to get it.
And it will be separate from the core collection so be sure to check their new displays.

Phyrra said...

Those lk pretty!