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Friday, March 4, 2011

March Greens: Object of Envy

Our next March Green is from Color Club's Fall 2008 Glitter Vixen collection. I just got my first Color Clubs a few months ago and they're already becoming one of my favourite brands. Application is generally great and they have some amazing colours. Today's polish is no different. This is Object of Envy, a green glitter in clear base. This is the perfect, true green. And the glitter is just dense enough that you could use one coat over another colour, or it looks amazing with a few coats of this alone. So, I wanted to show how it looks after one, two, and four coats, without anything underneath.
Color Club Object of Envy 1 coat

Color Club Object of Envy 2 coats

Color Club Object of Envy 4 coats Flash

Color Club Object of Envy 4 coats No Flash
Speaking of Color Club, I was at Winners the other day and bought Untamed Luxury: Every Shade of Indulgence Collection. It was only thirteen bucks! Not bad for seven polishes. I didn't really *need* any of these colours. Never mind that I have near dupes for pretty much all of them. I just love greyish neutrals and dark vampy colours. Now that I know this location gets Color Club sets, I'm gonna have to start stalking them.


Rachel Marie said...

I just blogged about this color the other day! I think it's too much green for me!

Michelle said...

I'm not usually too crazy about greens either. but this one is fun for St Patrick's Day or Christmas.