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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas NOTD 6: Bells

I'm sorry I've been a bit absent lately. I've been busy with work. I normally get one day off a week and I don't mind working six days in a row. But just the way the schedule worked out the past couple weeks, I had the Monday off of one week and the Sunday of the next so I was supposed to work twelve straight days. Then, this past Sunday, which should have been my day off, I ended up taking someone's shift. So, I'm now on my fourteenth straight day and I have five more to go. But that's enough complaining.

This is Color Club Revvvolution, a holographic charcoal/black. I didn't see the holo effect very strongly though. Maybe I got a bad bottle? Even still, I like the colour and it went on like a dream. One smooth coat was enough for opacity, but, like always, I did an extra to be sure.

And to continue the Christmas theme, I stamped on golden bells using SH Chrome in Gold Tip and image plate BM14. Speaking of SH Chromes, I found a whole display of them at an outlet near my house! As soon as I saw them, I started hyperventilating a little in excitement. These polishes are generally good for stamping, so I bought a half dozen colours, which I will post up soon.
I want to thank everyone who has entered my giveaway so far and remind everyone else that they have just over a week to enter here. I've also decided to add a second smaller prize if I reach 100 followers before the giveaway ends on December 22nd.


Amber said...

Thats really cute I love the bells :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Amber!